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Home » Slips and Falls: Hazards, Impact, and Prevention
September 18, 2017

Slips and Falls: Hazards, Impact, and Prevention

A church may be taking regular precautions to protect their congregation from outside problems but overlook a very common hazard lying within. One of the leading causes of claims is slips and falls. With the cost of medical attention continuously rising, these claims prove to be very costly. Here are some facts and tips that can be implemented to help protect your church members and visitors:

10 Slips and Fall Hazards:

•Contaminants on floor

•Poor drainage from pipes and drains

•Indoor walking surface irregularities

•Outdoor walking surface irregularities

•Inadequate lighting

•Weather conditions: Ice and Snow

•Stairs and handrails

•Stepstools and ladders

•tripping hazards

•Improper use of floor mats and runners

Uneven floors or flooring materials are the hazard that causes the most falls. Of the falls, 20-30% of victims suffer injuries requiring medical attention. The average hospitalization cost for this type of injury is $35,000 assuming a lawyer is not involved.

Prevention Tips:

•Promptly clean up spills

•Arrange room setup to create more open walkways

•Install handrails on all staircases

•Ensure adequate lighting indoors and outdoors

•Position gutters and downspouts away from walkways

•Regularly check condition of walkways and make repairs

•Do a physical walk through of all property both inside and outside to check for any tripping hazards or uneven ground


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