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Louisiana Church Insurance Blog: 9_2017

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A church may be taking regular precautions to protect their congregation from outside problems but overlook a very common hazard lying within. One of the leading causes of claims is slips and falls. With the cost of medical attention continuously rising, these claims prove to be very costly. READ MORE >>

Hospitality vs. Liability – that’s the dilemma churches face when deciding whether or not to share their space with wedding parties and outside groups. Before you roll out the welcome mat, put up-to-date safeguards in place to protect your place of worship from liability and safety issues. READ MORE >>

While trees are beautiful and offer valuable shade from the Louisiana sun, they can also be dangerous when not properly maintained. Does your church have rotten trees, or trees with rotten tops and limbs? When is the last time you had a qualified arborist look at your trees? READ MORE >>

We are called to be peacemakers. What does that mean to the security of our congregation? One of the common objections heard about church security is that since God will protect His own, no defense is necessary. If you read the headlines, that’s simply not the reality of the broken world in which we live in, and our churches must live and operate within. READ MORE >>

Many churches have recently reached out to me about the use of  social media in their organization.  Social media has become a useful tool for all generations.  It has a way of connecting people of all ages, social classes, members and non-members  and it allows them to get a feel for the church, its culture and its personality from their own home. READ MORE >>

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